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Passenger Lift

Lifts designed to carry people can take a variety of shapes and sizes. As they are used in high-rise buildings where passengers may have to travel through more than one floor, they tend to travel faster than other types of lifts.

Passenger lifts are completely enclosed lift cars that travel vertically within a specially prepared lift shaft.

Generally, passengers move between floors fairly quickly, and control systems are often designed to distribute passengers throughout the building in the most economical manner. This space-efficient passenger lift is most popular in existing buildings where space is at a premium, or the building is not designed to take additional horizontal loadings. It is provided with its own glazed or solid shaft.

The Priyo Bangla Lifts offer best quality passenger lifts. Priyo Bangla Lifts represents multiple brands. Our goal is to provide you with the best service in our local areas. In addition, we aim to provide a fair price for your lift. 

Any technical issue on your lift will be handled by one of our skilled technicians. Our technicians are trained locally and internationally. 

Our business is based in Bangladesh. We provide complete lift services in Bangladesh.

Keeping Our Eyes On safety.